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Sharing the sights of the sky is what the Oldest Show on Earth is all about and that goes beyond what can be seen through the eyepiece. Astro-imaging is both a technically challenging and rewarding specialty. Below are some examples of what can be done with modern amateur equipment and a bit of determined effort.  All images at the Oldest Show on Earth were created by and may not be used without the expressed permission of Chad Quandt, founder of the Oldest Show on Earth. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Lunar, Planetary, and Solar

Earth and Sky

The images shown here represent some of my best works to date. While I am not as active in imaging as in the past, I intend to add additional images when they are ready for sharing. For the benefit of those who wish to capture their own images of the night sky, this selection represents a small percentage of the total number of astro-images created along my path to learning the fundamentals of astrophotography. Some projects have been total failures and many, despite my best efforts, never measured up to my expectations. It is true that many of these images were taken with relatively modest, amateur equipment, but there is nothing modest about the effort required to acquire the data or process it to the results shown here. Astrophotography is a difficult but rewarding venture.

Misc Astro-Images

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